The Old Red Brick Company is currently in the process of relocating its existing business operations from Beverley to a new site at Gillman.

As a part of this transition, existing stockpiles of material on site are to be removed off site in accordance with a Site Remediation Plan (SRP) drafted by an accredited Environmental Consultant and approved by the EPA.

The SRP has been drafted with the following key considerations at the forefront:

  • Minimising noise dust and other potential impacts to the maximum extent possible

  • Ensuring safety through the control of potential risks associated with asbestos containing materials (ACM), if present

  • Re-using, recycling and reprocessing stockpile materials to the greatest extent possible in alignment with the principle of avoiding and reducing waste

  • Removing waste offsite efficiently to minimise disruption to surrounding areas.


No processing of the stockpiled materials will take place on the Beverley site. Instead, processing of the materials (including remediation of any asbestos-containing material) will take place once they are moved to Old Red Brick Co’s new site at Gillman.


Further information about the proposed stockpile removal work is provided below.

This page has been designed to provide information for all stakeholders and regular updates with respect to progression on site. If you would like to chat to someone in regards to this project, please contact the special number, 0459 528 057 for this purpose.