The type of equipment that the Old Red Brick Company operates combined with the range of projects that the company has been engaged with, has led in recent years to a natural diversification into the bulk earth works and civil construction markets.


With this expansion, new specialised talent has been recruited to the company including a new Civil Works Manager and experienced civil construction staff to complement the existing pool of knowledge within the company.


Our civil construction equipment includes skidsteers and excavators of various sizes, front end loader, rollers (pad foot and smooth drum), graders, water carts and various sized trucks.


Our key capabilities include:

  • Site preparation and clearing

  • Bulk Excavation & Haulage

  • Contaminated Land Remediation

  • Cut and Fill to level

  • Pad Construction

  • Carpark & Retaining Wall Construction

  • Concrete Works

  • Stormwater Construction

We have particular experience working on sites where existing piles are present. This includes scenarios whereby concrete piles need to be accurately identified and captured via survey and then either excavated in their entirety, or broken off at a particular residual level (RL) and backfilled so as to not impact on the substructure elements of the future build. We also have extensive experience operating on sites that suffer contamination from historic uses and require close co-ordination and co-operation with environmental consultants to execute a detailed work methodology in order to successfully enact remediation.


Examples of several earthwork and construction projects we have been involved with include:

  • Bulk Excavation works for the 217 East Terrace Apartments, Adelaide

  • Bulk Excavation works at August Towers South Terrace, Adelaide

  • Bulk Excavations of O’Halloran Hill Subdivision

  • Disposal of Central Stockpiles at Tonsley

  • Brownlow Court Redevelopment

  • Meals on Wheels Civil Works