At Old Red Brick Company, we have a range of specialised equipment such as road saws, floor grinders, extraction fans, wet vacuums, electric demolition saws, generators and jackhammers of various sizes to allow us to complete a broad range of concrete works across a diverse range of environments.


We can perform standalone concrete projects or works in association with existing projects.


We have experience performing concrete cutting works not only on vacated demolition sites but also in occupied schools, hospitals, shopping centres and multi-storey buildings, both during the day and at night.


On these projects our experience has taught us the value not only of accuracy but also in thorough preparation and planning. This preparation and planning includes co-ordinating working times, protecting adjacent work areas, detailing work areas once works have been completed and co-operating with other trades.

Our team has the knowledge, industry experience, skills and technique to perform a broad range of work accurately and efficiently. Particular types of concrete cutting work we have experience and expertise in includes;

  • Cutting service trenches as a part of building refit;

  • Cutting and coring walls or floors for service penetrations;

  • Creating new doorways by cutting walls and inserting lintels;

  • Cutting roadways for a range of applications;

  • Cutting and separating footings, kerbs and crossovers;

  • Removing in situ and suspended concrete slabs;

  • Grinding and scabbling slabs; and

  • Removing whole or sections of tilt up pre-cast concrete walls.


Regardless of the scope or size of the concrete works required, the Old Red Brick Company has the staff and equipment to execute your project with accuracy and attention to detail.