Do you have questions about our bricks or demolition services? We have listed our most frequently asked questions with some helpful answers and advice.


Do you always have bricks in stock?

Generally, we always have bricks in stock depending on the type and quantity sought after. As our bricks are sourced directly from our own demolition projects, our supply is contingent upon the types of houses we are demolishing at any given time.

As such, it may not be possible for us to fill large orders at any one time dependant on normal market forces of supply and demand.

If you have a project that requires large volumes of bricks, please give us as much notice as possible.

Will the old red bricks have paint on them?

Depending upon where the bricks have come from, occasionally they may have paint on one side. We do not specifically sort our bricks for painted bricks, so it is not something that can be easily requested one way or the other.

Do you provide a trade discount on bricks?

No unfortunately we do not offer a trade discount on our bricks.

Why are old bricks not cheaper than new bricks?

There are labour costs associated with reclaiming second bricks. We hand pick our bricks from our demolition sites, we are then required to deliver them to our yard, sort clean and stack them and then store, advertise and sell them. A lot of these processes involve both time and extensive labour costs which are calculated into the final retail price.

Is there a discount if I buy larger volumes of bricks?

Unfortunately, there is not a discount for purchases of larger quantities of bricks

How do I remove the residual lime mortar from my bricks?

Paving: Any residual lime mortar should be able to be removed using a wire brush depending upon its extent and strength. Often the lime mortar will gradually wear away with foot traffic over time.

Walls: Any residual lime mortar is best removed using a high pressure cleaner (gernie). Walls can also be lightly acid washed as required.

How many bricks can I fit in a standard 6 x 4 trailer?

A normal 6 x 4 trailer can safely carry approximately 200 – 300 bricks.

Do you sell fire bricks?

Technically the old red bricks that we sell are not fire bricks. A fire brick is a new type of brick which has been purposely created for its specific insulation properties. While old red bricks are not technically fire bricks, it is possible to use them for their insulating qualities. Old red bricks have been successfully used for pizza ovens, fire places and fire pits for many years. We do however recommend using one of the harder varieties of our bricks such as the Shale or Pressed Red to avoid any premature cracking.

Do you sell non-red bricks / cream bricks?

Generally, no. Occasionally we may have limited numbers of cream bricks and other non-red bricks in stock. Cream bricks are generally not recycled and are difficult to obtain second-hand.

Do you sell recycled pavers and concrete pavers?

No – we generally do not sell recycled pavers and concrete pavers.

Do you sell roof tiles?

No – unfortunately we do not sell roof tiles.

How quickly can I have my bricks delivered once I have placed an order?

We normally require at least two business days’ notice prior to delivery. We cannot deliver on weekends.

What is the best product to fill gaps between bricks used for paving?

We use a mixture of cement and quarry sand. Pavelock is another more expensive option.

What product do you recommend for the mortar when using bricks for building?

We generally recommend a mixture of bright & light Brightonlite? cement, lime and quarry sand.

Can you use old red bricks in driveways? Will they withstand the weight of a car?

Yes – depending upon the type of brick. We suggest using a harder brick such as a Pressed Red or Shale. Hard Sandstocks and Wirecuts have also been used successfully in driveways in the past.

What are the standard dimensions and weights of an old red brick?

Please refer to the table located on our Old Red Brick page which sets out the weights and measurements of our bricks.

Will my bricks have blemishes?

All recycled red bricks will have chips, blemishes and residual lime mortar, irrespective of the type of brick purchased.

In many respects this is what adds to the character of our bricks. However, if you are looking for a brick without these imperfections, then a new brick may be a more suitable option.

How strong are recycled bricks?

Some recycled bricks can be brittle and break easily. Being recycled, we cannot determine the age or how many times a certain brick has been used. This means that certain types of bricks are more suitable for projects than others. It also means that despite our best efforts, there may be some broken bricks on a pallet.

How many bricks should I order?

Despite our sorting processes, a single pallet will always carry a number of unusable bricks. The number of bricks in a pallet that are unusable will depend on the type of bricks and what they’ll be used for. Because of this, we always recommend allowing for additional bricks when placing an order.

Will my bricks be the same size?

Recycled bricks vary in size. Whilst we try to sort our bricks as consistently as possible, keeping bricks from the same building together, we have found all our bricks have a size variance of up to 5mm in height and width.



How do I get a demolition quote for my house?

Please phone our office on (08) 8347 2419 and our staff will assist you, or simply email the details of your job to info@oldredbrickco.com.au and we will respond with a written quote.

How long will it take to demolish my house?

We usually advise clients to allow at least one full week for the demolition of their house.

How much notice do I need to provide to schedule in my demolition job?

Generally we require at least three weeks’ notice of the proposed demolition start date (however if greater notice is possible, that is preferable).

What do I need to do before organising demolition?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the gas and the electricity has been abolished by SA Power Networks prior to the commencement of the demolition. The water is to remain connected as the operator will disconnect the water meter and use the water for dust and debris control during demolition.

It is also important to ensure you have Demolition Approval from the local council prior to the start date.

All items to be kept by the owner must be removed from the property before the demolition start date and you should notify us of any items or trees that are to remain.

It is also wise to inform neighbouring property owners of the impending demolition and potential increase in noise, traffic and dust.

Can you do my council/development application for me?

Generally it is more efficient for clients to fill out and lodge their own council/development application due to the laws surrounding privacy, however we can assist with the development application process. Some councils also require you to provide details of the proposed demolition procedure, and we can also assist with providing such information if required.

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