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Rustic bricks are our range of bricks which have been sorted from our standard grade as they have been deemed to have more damage than is generally acceptable.  In the worst case, the individual bricks may be missing up to a quarter of the bricks but generally the damage is limited to significant damage on corners and the edge of the makers stamp.

Rustics are a collection of the four main types of bricks we keep in stock (Wirecut, Pressed Red, Shale and Sandstock). This means that they will not be uniform in size and shape.

Despite these drawbacks, Rustic bricks have been used extremely effectively on many projects for both landscaping and building purposes. Their lack of uniformity can be an advantage when used creatively on projects where a rustic feel is desired.

Rustics are also a much cheaper option than our standard brick range. This means that they can be used as a cost-effective solution for building or landscaping projects where price is a factor.  

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