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One of our company’s main points of differentiation within the construction sector, however, is our commitment to recycling and reusing old red bricks. We are one of the only contractors in the state that diligently recycles the old red bricks from the buildings it demolishes rather than crushing them.


Brick production is a resource-intensive process and as such, the environmental benefits of recycling bricks are significant. Foremost of these benefits is the resource and emission savings that are created by reusing old bricks instead of making new ones.

According to ‘Emissions Estimate Technique Manual for Bricks, Ceramics & Clay Product Manufacturing’ commissioned by Environment Australia there is 1.65 kg of carbon monoxide emitted for each tonne of bricks produced from an uncontrolled gas-fired kiln each year. (This is working from the assumption that the plant operates for 1500 hours per year).  

By recycling over 1 million bricks per annum the Old Red Brick Company is helping to prevent the emission of more than 5280 kgs of carbon monoxide being released into the atmosphere each year.

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