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As the preferred contractor for many of South Australia’s largest development groups, we pride ourselves on our ability to perform residential demolitions quickly, skilfully and to budget for our clients.


The Old Red Brick Company first began demolition over 20 years ago with the demolition of residential properties. To this day residential demolition remains one of our core businesses and one of our major areas of expertise. We offer particularly competitive prices on red brick houses built prior to 1950.


Our goal is to help both owners and builders streamline the demolition process and make it as seamless as possible. We achieve this practically by both educating and communicating with our clients but also working through the challenges of each site as they occur.


During the planning phase of a demolition, we can assist our clients by:

  • Helping with the completion of the necessary council forms;

  • Providing advice with respect to service disconnection and removal;

  • Offering general advice about the demolition process.

Another advantage of our company, is our environmentally focused perspective. We are one of the few demolition companies in South Australia that invest the time and effort to collect, process and recycle Adelaide’s unique Old Red Bricks.


In investing in this pursuit, we are not only helping the environment but helping to preserve the heritage of our state by supplying this finite resource that is in increasing demand. We also recycle floorboards, timber, stone and general salvage from the properties that we demolish, reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfill.


Learn more about our commitment to the environment by clicking here. 

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