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Adelaide’s old red bricks are unique to not only the state but also Australia. The distinctive clay found in Adelaide’s western suburbs from which most of Adelaide’s red bricks were manufactured, is unique to South Australia.


South Australian old red bricks are a finite resource that are in increasing demand. The Old Red Brick Company has supplied thousands of recycled red bricks across the state. Our bricks have been used in both the restoration of heritage buildings and also new developments. Our bricks are so sought after that they are in increasing demand interstate. We have sent our bricks to all capital centres across Australia.


As a South Australian Company, we take great pride in having our bricks used in local South Australian icons. We are proud to have supplied our recycled red bricks to such South Australian culturally significant sites as Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop in Tanunda, Kings Estate in Tanunda (the filming location of McLeod’s Daughters) and Government House. This is not to mention the countless wineries, bars, cafés and restaurants across the state where our bricks have been used to effect.  

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