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The Old Red Brick Company has the combination of sound technical knowledge, modern equipment, and experienced personnel which allows us to safely and successfully undertake and complete both large and small commercial demolition projects. Over the course of the last five years, this combination of strengths has enabled our growth to become one of the industry leaders in demolition within South Australia.  


We recognise the importance of preparation and planning when it comes to the execution of large commercial demolition projects. Our approach to commercial demolition projects is centred on:

  • Clearly and accurately identifying the desired scope of works as directed by the client;

  • Engaging in preliminary risk assessments to identify potential hazards;

  • Managing and communicating relevant information to primary and secondary stakeholders;

  • Planning environmental controls to minimise adverse environmental impacts; and

  • Devising detailed demolition methodologies and plans to facilitate the safe and efficient demolition required by the scope.

Please see some of the more notable commercial projects we have safely and successfully completed below:




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