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Mount Barker & Kensington Shopping Centres

In December 2016 the Old Red Brick Company was awarded the demolition of an existing supermarket complex at Victoria Crescent, Mount Barker. This project involved demolishing a variety of different structures across a site with a 5,500m2 building footprint in a four week time frame.

To meet the nominated deadline, ORBC was required to mobilise to site four excavators and the majority of our heavy vehicle fleet. In addition, the project required close cooperation and coordination across multiple tiers within the company.

One technically challenging component of the project was avoiding damage to the transformer that was located on the corner of the site. This transformer needed to be kept live during the project which meant that we were required to demolish the building around it. To compound the issue, the location of the transformer was on one of the busiest roads of Mount Barker, adding a level of complexity to the demolition.

In May 2017, the Old Red Brick Company was awarded its second shopping centre demolition at Kensington Gardens in preparation for a new Aldi store.

The challenges of this project were that we were required to demolish the structure without closing or restricting access to the lanes on either side of the building. Similar to Mount Barker, we were also required to demolish a structure that was on the boundary of the main public road in a very tight project time frame.

Both projects entailed extensive asbestos remediation works in addition to the demolition scope. Ultimately, we were able to demolish both structures without incident and meet the time frames set by our clients.


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