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A core component of the Old Red Brick Company’s operations is the safe removal of asbestos across various applications in multiple environments.

The company partners with a wide number of industry leaders to organise the safe removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM).


When arranging for asbestos removal works, our approach to asbestos removal is centred on safety. Asbestos removal works are undertaken according to an asbestos removal control plan with the use of independent air-monitoring and personal-protective equipment under standardised procedures and practices.

Our capabilities within the asbestos removal sector includes:

  • Residential Asbestos Removal as a precursor for complete demolition, partial demolition or building renovation work.

  • Commercial Asbestos Removal within occupied schools, shopping centres, office buildings and hospitals.

  • Industrial Asbestos Removal in preparation for demolition of existing warehouses and industrial buildings.

Some of the areas of asbestos where we hold particular expertise include:

  • Decontaminating and removing asbestos contamination caused as a result of fire or weather damage.

  • Combining working at heights practices with asbestos removal in the removal of Deep 6 asbestos roof cladding (in less than 5 months between May – September 2018, we successfully removed over 15,000m2 of Deep 6 roofing across four different sites)

  • Decontaminating and removing both large and small areas of asbestos backed vinyl floor tiles within occupied structures.

  • Decontaminating and removing friable asbestos where it was used as pipe lagging in wall cavities or in-ground.

  • Remediating and decontaminating sites where the soil has been contaminated with asbestos fragments either because of the previous build or because the asbestos was used as ‘lost form work’.


In particular, asbestos soil remediation is an area we as a company specialise in. This is an area that requires appropriate management and timely decision making to prevent magnifying the problem and the resultant costs. Throughout the course of our history performing asbestos removal and demolition works, we have encountered a number of sites where in-ground asbestos has been identified. On each of these occasions, we have worked closely with clients to devise a timely and cost-effective solution to remediate the issue.​

Regardless of the type of asbestos that requires removal, the Old Red Brick Company has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to safely and successfully remediate.


Some of the more notable sites across Adelaide where we have safely and successfully performed a range of asbestos removal works includes:

  • Adelaide Airport

  • Flinders Ports Passenger Terminal

  • Adelaide University Medical School

  • Adelaide High School

  • Glenside Hospital (above ground and in soil remediation)

  • Norwood Oval

  • Shed 26 Port Adelaide

  • existing commercial tenancies within Rundle Mall.


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