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The Old Red Brick Company shares a vision of sustainable urban development based on innovative thinking and solutions and the overall reduction of waste to help the environment.


Our environmental policy mandates that we shall:

  • Preference suppliers who share an active commitment to recycling products within the construction industry;

  • Source construction products that have been generated through recycled means; and

  • Actively participate in the construction recycling sector through continuing to provide recycling solutions on our own projects.


Practically this means that we seek out and exploit opportunities to recycle or use recycled products on each of our projects.

Through our partnership with a number of leading South Australian companies, we ensure that each waste stream generated from our demolition projects is recycled. Specifically:


  • Our Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D Waste) is processed and turned into a product known as Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF). This material is used as a partial replacement of fossil fuels, harnessing energy from material that would have traditional gone to landfill.

  • Our Concrete & Masonry Waste is either recycled inhouse as reclaimed brick products or is crushed and turned into a range of recycled rubble products that are reused on new construction projects.

  • Our Scrap Steel & Metal is taken to a recycling yard where it is ultimately shredded and manufactured into new products.

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