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Wirecut bricks were one of the first machine manufactured bricks made in South Australia. They were commonly used as the internal bricks in the double brick homes built in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Wirecut bricks come in both red and orange colours, with the deeper red bricks generally being much harder than the orange varieties.


The manufacturing process for these bricks began by feeding clay into a machine where the clay was then automatically cut to size before being extruded out the other end. It is the distinctive lines formed on the bricks resulting from this process from which the name ‘wire cut’ originates. The process for making these bricks also means that these bricks do not have an indentation known as a frog or stamp on one side. This differentiates these bricks from the other 3 types of bricks that we categorise.

Wirecut bricks are most commonly used for a range a landscaping and paving purposes. They are excellent for garden edging, driveways, footpaths and patios and verandas. The fact that Wirecuts are flat on both sides is advantageous when used in this application, as if one side is partially damaged the brick can be flipped over and the opposite side can be used.


As Wirecut bricks are naturally quite smooth, we generally don’t recommend them for feature walls as any chips or blemishes in the face of the bricks tend to look untidy, rather than a character finish.

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