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Oaklands Park Station

In April 2019, the Old Red Brick Company was engaged by the P2P Alliance for demolition and bulk earthworks of the former train station at Oaklands Park.

Working across the Easter long weekend in split day / night shifts, the Old Red Brick Company mobilised four heavy excavators and ancillary plant and equipment including water trucks, light towers and skidsteers to demolish and remove the existing train station canopies and platforms, control rooms and signal buildings.

Our works on site began by separating and stockpiling the existing ballast within the train corridor. We then were tasked with the demolition of the canopies on both sides of the platform. To safely and efficiently remove the columns supporting the platform canopies; we employed a mechanical shearing attachment to cut through the columns at the base. Using this methodology, we were able to demolish and remove the entirety of the platform canopies in less than three days.

With the canopies removed, we then moved onto the breakup and removal of the concrete and fill material that made up the two platforms. This required us to demolish and remove over 12,000 tonnes of material in a two week timeframe.

Our works on site also included asbestos works. Our scope included demolition of the former signals building. Whilst demolishing this structure, we discovered asbestos which was not documented. We were able to identify and remediate this asbestos in a safe and efficient manner.

The challenges of the project included working in close proximity to the active rail corridor, working in close co-ordination and co-operation with the managing contractor and number of ancillary trades in an extremely narrow timeframe in a confined working area.



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