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Glenside Hospital

Between June 2017 and August 2018, the Old Red Brick Company, in partnership with T&J Construction, successfully completed Stages 1 – 3 of demolition works at Glenside Hospital. The project involved the demolition of both single and multi-story structures that had a combined footprint of over 4,500m2 over an 11-month period.

Our project brief was to demolish and clear all the former SA Health infrastructure on the site across several integrated stages, to make way for a new residential development. The project required us to breakup and remove in excess of 20,000 tonnes of masonry and concrete material from the site.

The scale of the project necessitated a focus on effective project management, stringent environmental controls and efficient allocation of resources.

Included within our scope was the removal of substantial asbestos-containing materials from across the site. A particular challenge of the site was the in-ground asbestos that required remediation as part of our scope. This asbestos was a by-product of previous contamination and lost formwork for the substructures across many of the buildings. This meant that we were required to develop and implement stringent methodologies to successfully decontaminate these areas and avoid cross-contaminating other areas of the site which are earmarked for future residential development.



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