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Bowden/Brompton ReDevelopment

One significant project we are proud to have been involved is revitalisation of the Bowden and Brompton Precincts. Our involvement has been by way of the provision of both services and products to the area.

Over the course of the last five years, the Old Red Brick Company has supplied over 100,000 recycled old red bricks to the Bowden and Brompton areas which have been used in wide range of construction purposes. These bricks have been used not only as feature bricks for new apartment buildings but also for landscaping in the form of paved areas and retaining walls. The recycled Old Red Bricks used within the newly constructed areas have helped to shape the space and preserve the heritage of the area. They have also provided an essential link between the industrial heritage of the past and the dynamic mixed-use space of the future.

In addition to supplying bricks to builders and members of the public for the revitalisation of the Bowden / Brompton area, the Old Red Brick Company was also engaged directly by the State Government for demolition services on two significant separate projects in the area.

Between March and April 2018, the Old Red Brick Company was contracted for the demolition of the former Plant 1. The challenges of this project were the limited space in which we had to operate, the interfacing challenges of working in close proximity to other building contractors operating on either side of the site, operating in a space close to residential and commercial tenancies under close public scrutiny, and finally, demolishing a building that was built on a designated national highway. We were able to overcome these obstacles and successfully demolish this structure without incident. We were also able to value-add for the project by recycling a number of the old red bricks used in the construction of the original building and hand these back to the client for future reuse in the area.

Later in 2018 (between September and December) off the back of our success at Plant 1, the Old Red Brick Company was awarded its second major works project in Brompton with the award of the package for demolition works at the Former Origin Gas Works Site.

Our scope of works for this project entailed decontaminating the entirety of the site structures (both those buildings to remain and those to be demolished) of both known and unknown Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). We were also tasked with demolishing a number of free-standing structures which were deemed to not be of heritage significance and separating a number of structures scheduled for demolition from those to be retained. The latter works involved the separation of heritage buildings from structures scheduled for demolition and was both the most technically challenging component of the project but also the most critical.

Ultimately, we were able to execute our planned methodology and detailed demolition works without fault or flaw and in the process reclaim over 50 pallets of bluestone and bricks for the client to be reincorporated into the site.



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